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Bueno Benefits & Partners

Start saving money on utility bills, insurance and more. We are here for you!

Bueno Accounts and Cards

We give you unlimited free transfers within the Euro zone for a low monthly fee. Other card usage fees may apply. Your Bueno account is just like many other financial service products, you can easily receive and send money and use direct debits to pay your utility bills in Spain. We also offer very competitive currency exchange rates, potentially saving you thousands when buying a property abroad.

Your Bueno card is free to use for euro payments, which means that there are no costs when you use it in Spain. Load your Bueno account before arriving to Spain and save money by using your Bueno card!

Currency Exchange - no transfer fees

Bueno has partnered with Currencies Direct to offer our customers the best currency exchange service. Simple, secure currency transfers. Great rates, no transfer or receiving fees in Spain and expert support whether you transfer online, over the phone or by app. Their local team in Spain are on hand to guide you through the transfer process while at the same time offering bank-beating exchange rates. Using their services could save you thousands of euro’s compared to high street banks, while offering exceptional personal service at the same time.

Bueno Home Insurance

After conventional banking, insurance may be the second largest pain for many people! Bueno have launched insurance together with Lovys, a French online insurance company - car insurance will follow towards the end of 2022. Our goal is to launch fully digital property and car insurance within our app but right now have to request your quote on Lovys webpage. We will also offer other insurance products, such as travel and health insurance.

Our goal is to offer significant savings on insurance. Did you know that traditional banks can be as much as 20-30% more expensive on insurance compared to non-bank insurers. And Lovys offer even better pricing, so its well worth your time to ask for a non-binding quote. Note that you will enter their Spanish site, you can change the language to English in the menu. 

Bueno Utilities and Savings

Bueno keeps an eye on your property costs. We keep track of when your next bills are due. Not enough money in your account to cover the bills? We will let you know. Are you paying too much? We compare your utility costs with thousands of other customers to help you keep your property costs as low as possible. We also help negotiate better deals for our customers. Some of our customers could save as much as 6-800 euro per year just on utility costs. One of our founders saved over 600 euro per year just by switching electricity provider, which was done in minutes.

We offer accounts to Spaniards and EU/EEA/UK residents who have a Spanish NIE (Foreigner Identification Number) and a Spanish address. We also offer accounts to non-Spaniard residents in Spain, holding a TIE ID card. We add a lot of value to customers owning or renting a property in Spain and are confident you’ll love our simplicity, service and low cost. We expect to launch our property features in France and Portugal second half of 2022

We need to verify your identity to meet financial regulations. This is done by submitting a copy of your passport or national ID card where this is approved as financial identification. You will take a picture of your ID with your phone or web camera during our onboarding process. For Spanish accounts you also need to provide details of your NIE/DNI.

Normally it takes no more than about 5 minutes to register all the data. The actual verification can take place within minutes after this, but it can also take up to 1-2 working days if we have to manually verify some of the data.

No, our account opening process is managed online. There is no need to travel or to leave your home to become a Bueno customer. Everything can be done online or via your Bueno app.