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Better than free

We are certain we can help you save more than the annual cost of Bueno (99 euro per year on the annual plan). Therefore, we offer a money back guaranty to all new customers, if you are not able to save at least 99 euro during your first year (bank cost, insurance, utilities) we will pay you 100 euro towards covering the annual subscription. All we request from you is documentation on the cost prior to switching to Bueno before we issue the refund.

What kind of savings can you expect?

Savings on bank costs. Some Spanish banks charge 240 euro or more per year in account/card costs. Switch to Bueno and save 140 euro or more per year.

Savings on utility bills. Bueno will negotiate better deals for our customers, as our customer base grows you can expect significant savings.

Savings on insurance. Stop purchasing insurance through your bank and get a much better deal. On some insurance products you can save as much as 30-50%.


Terms for this campaign

You need to be on our annual plan, 99 euro for 12 months. This offer is only valid during the first year of your Bueno subscription. To enable us to compare the savings you have or would have made using Bueno services, you will have to purchase insurance and switch utility provider, or at least provide such information and co-operation as necessary to enable us to compare your costs with what you may have saved from using Bueno partners and services.

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