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100 years banking experience

Our founders, management and board consist of people with extensive experience from banking, technology and business management. Two have backgrounds from Norwegian banks. Tom Rimestad was part of the team that launched Monobank (now Lea Bank) in Norway in 2015. When we started Bueno, our goal was to offer not only better banking, but a complete solution for property owners, a one-stop shop to save you time, money and frustration. As a new foreign owner / long term renter, you can feel vulnerable and overwhelmed. We truly understand the importance of a helping hand when you need it. Bueno is here for you, enabling you to enjoy life even more. We started as a small team in 2022, today we are 14 people and growing.

Sustainable business, a greener way

As a digital banking alternative, our direct greenhouse gas emissions are extremely low compared to more traditional banks. One of the steps taken to reduce our impact has been to locate our support office outside big cities, in a smaller Spanish town, where staff easily can walk to work or use public transport. The rest of our team work from home office, further reducing our impact. Reflecting our Scandinavian heritage, we believe stewardship of our environment and planet for the next generation is an important responsibility. As a property focused business, we can probably do more than most by helping our customers make small changes that collectively add up to making a significant impact.

100 000 trees to be planted

We have made a commitment to plant one tree per new customer, in partnership with One Tree Planted. With over 18,4 million hectares, the Spanish forest is the fourth largest forest area in Europe. Due to climate change the Spanish forest is affected by many factors including tree diseases, fires, and storms. Reforestation is critical to ensure we keep combating the damaging effects of climate change. Bueno aims to plant one hundred thousand of trees over the next 5 years.