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Bueno’s account opening process is 100% online. Adding the required information will normally take 5-10 minutes. You can easily re-start the process at any time.


- You need a Spanish address
- And a NIE (DNI for Spaniards), we need a copy of the document
- Your ID, passport of EU/EEA ID card

Customers are accepted from the EU/EEA and the UK. People who are not residents of the EU/EEA/UK must be a resident of Spain to open an account. US passport holders are not accepted.

Note that we don’t yet have a mobile app for account registration. You can, however, download the Bueno app to manage your account. Bueno for Android is already available and Bueno for Apple will follow shortly. Our website works on all devices.

2 Login and verify your email
  • Log in and confirm your email address.
  • Check your spam/marketing folder if you don’t see the verification email.
  • Contact us if you did not receive the verification email.
1 Register your details
  • Submit your personal details, email, phone number and set a password.
  • Accept our terms and we recommend you subscribe to our newsletters.
4 We need your ID details and NIE
  • Choose your nationality and document option, for example passport + NIE.
  • Fill out the details and then upload your NIE document (PDF or photo).
3 Add your address
  • If you live full time in Spain, we will only ask you for your Spanish address.
  • If you mainly live outside Spain, we will ask for both your residential and Spanish address.
  • As you enter your address, autofill will suggest your full address. When you see your address, just click on it to fill out the form more quickly.
6 Verify your mobile number
  • Verify your mobile number by requesting a SMS and entering the code you receive.
  • The SMS is sent from our financial partner in Spain, SEFIDE.
  • Note that the SMS can take up to 5 minutes to be received.
5 Your financial details
  • We are required by law to request your financial details.
  • This includes your profession (if retired you still need to add profession), how you will fund your account and how much money you expect to spend through your account.
8 Take a photo of your ID document
  • Use your phone to take a picture of your ID.
  • Make sure you take a clear, stable image where the whole ID document is visible without glare.
  • When you are happy upload the document.
  • Your next step is a picture of yourself (a selfie) or a short video.
  • When you are happy upload this as well.
  • When both files are uploaded, click submit for approval.
7 Initiate the KYC step
  • The KYC (Know Your Customer) step is where we verify your identity.
  • This step can only be complete on a mobile phone.
  • If you are on a PC/Mac, keep the website open on your PC/Mac and switch to your phone to continue. You can return to your PC/Mac once you have submitted your ID.
  • To go from PC/Mac to mobile phone, simply scan the QR code or request a SMS with a link.
Activate your account
  • Your account will take from a few hours up to 48 hours during weekends to be approved.
  • We will send you an SMS and an email when your account has been approved.
  • The final step is to start your Bueno subscription.
  • You can start with a free trial month OR take advantage of our special offer for an annual payment.
  • The cost is €9.90 per month or €99 for 12 months (for which you currently receive your first 15 months).