Bueno makes it easy to
manage your home abroad

Bueno is shortly launching, offering banking, insurance and more - making it super simple to manage your second home in Spain


A dedicated IBAN account for your home. Keep track of funds going in and out. Get automated alerts for upcoming payments.


Insurance as it should be, worry free and quick claims processing. And as we become more home owners, even better prices.


Manage all your expenses from one place, and save money with our great deals.


Access our service portal and find trusted professionals who can assist you.


Rent out your home knowing that it is managed by a professional real estate agent.

About Bueno

A financial company for your property abroad

Buying a second home abroad is a big decision which comes with its challenges since your property is in a new country and will have to be managed in a new language. Well, that was up to now, shortly Bueno will launch and remove all the hassle of owning a property abroad. In fact, we will make it easier to manage than your primary home. And not only that, Bueno will also save you money!

Bueno is not only for you who are buying a property now, we offer our services to everyone who own a second home abroad. We are starting with Spain, as we grow we will offer our services all over Europe.

Our Unique Features

We are the first company in the world giving your property its own bank account, and a simple online access to manage your property. Finally, you are in control.

Fully Licensed

Our banking and insurance products are EU licensed, creating maximum security for our clients.

Multi Language

A platform in your language; English, Scandinavian, German, French and more as we grow.

24/7 Access

All your data is available on your phone and PC, you are always in control.

Cost Savings

The more customers we get the better will our prices become.

Smart Data

We compare your expenses against similar properties making sure your bills are correct.

Expense Alerts

Always know what future cost can be expected, we will let you know in advance.

Register to get early access

Do you want to become one of our first clients? Submit your email and we will keep you up to date on the progress, and let you know when you can register as a client of Bueno

Our Pricing Model

Our pricing is based on the size of your property and the type of property. A small apartment has fewer variables than a big house, savings also increase for bigger properties. We believe this is a fair model, our goal is always to maximize your savings while providing a great service.

Most properties will easily save 300 to 800 euro per year as a customer of Bueno.

Contact Us

If you want to become a partner, or offer your services through us, use the contact form and we will get back to you. If you are a potential customer please register you interest by using our ‘Get Early Access’ form.

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