Invest in Bueno, the next NEO bank success

- Fully licensed European financial institution (EMI-agent)
- Innovative and unique NEO banking approach
- 15x higher customer revenue than the average UK NEO banks
- Parternship with Railsbank/Treezor and Visa/MasterCard
Being an early investor can become extremely rewarding:
- €200 000 pre-seed funding ending Oct 9, €2.5 mill valuation
- €300 000 seed funding starting Oct 10, €3.5 mill valuation
- €2.5 mill estimated funding in 2021, €15-25 mill valuation

Pre-seed funding will be used on licensing and to build the banking app
Most NEO bank seed funding rounds are carried out on €5+ million valuation
The investment is not open to US citizens besided accredited investors

What Is A NEO Bank?

NEO banks are 100% digital, they have no branches. Most offer mobile apps that easily allow you to perform all types of banking services, many also have a web platform. NEO banks have modern technical platforms, traditional banks have technical platforms that are outdated and very expensive to upgrade and operate.

100% online

Open your account in less than 10 minutes, without having to leave your home. Manage all banking online.

100% secure

Bueno will offer fully licensed banking and insurance services; we are just as safe as any high street bank.

A European bank

We are launching in Spain but as we grow Bueno will become a bank for property owners all over Europe.

Banking for your property
A unique challenger bank

I started working on creating Bueno as was there is a huge opportunity in the banking market. Most NEO banks do very little different to traditional banks, they offer day to day banking for free, based on a business model that are not sustainable. In Bueno we focus on adding value beyond banking which mean people will want to pay for our services. This ensures that we not only get satisfied customers, we also create value for our investors and owners.
John A. Hegrenes, founder

Become an investor

The NEO Bank Market

The NEO banking market had a value of $20.4 billion in 2019. It is growing by close to 50% per year. The NEO banking market is expected to reach $471 billion by 2027

Founded in 2015, UK - 10 million customers - $5.5 billion valuation

Founded in 2013, Germany - 5 million customers - $3.5 billion valuation

Founded in 2015, UK - 4 million customers - $1.5 billion valuation

Founded in 2017, Spain - 300 000 customers - $85 million valuation

Founded in 2019, France - recently launched - €32-48 million valuation

Founded in 2019, Spain - 40 000 customer - €15 million valuation (up from €5 million)

Bueno estimated valuation

0 million

Valuation 2021/22

10x return

0 million

Valuation 2022/23

20x return

0 million

Valuation 2023/24

40x return

0 million

Valuation 2024/25

60x return

Become A Bueno Investor

We are currently doing our pre-seed and seed funding round accepting a limited number of investors. You can invest from €1000. We will accept a total funding of €500 000 in the seed rounds, these will be followed by our series A funding in 2021.

Backing new NEO banks has a history of very good returns. For example, early investors in Revolut have made a 100x return on their investment. But keep in mind that all investments carry risk, including a loss of your investment. As an early stage investor, you will need at least a 3-5 year horizon for your investment.