Back the future of finance, become an investor in Bueno

- Fully licensed (EMI-agent) European financial institution
- Innovative and unique NEO banking approach
- 15x higher client revenue than the average UK NEO banks
- Parternship with Railsbank and Visa
Being an early investor can become extremely rewarding:
- €200 000 pre-seed funding ending Oct 9, €2.65 mill valuation
- €300 000 seed funding starting Oct 10, €3.68 mill valuation
- €2.5 mill estimated funding in 2021, €25 mill valuation

Pre-seed funding will be used on licensing and to build the banking app
Historically NEO bank seed funding rounds are carried out on €5+ million valuation
The investment is not open to US citizens unless status as an accredited investor

What Is A NEO Bank?

NEO banks are 100% digital, they have no branches. Most offer mobile apps that easily allow you to perform all types of banking services, many also have a web platform. NEO banks have modern technical platforms, traditional banks have technical platforms that are outdated and very expensive to upgrade and operate.

100% online

Open your account in less than 10 minutes, without having to leave your home. Manage all banking online.

100% secure

Bueno will offer fully licensed banking and insurance services; we are just as safe as any high street bank.

A European bank

We are launching in Spain but as we grow Bueno will become a bank for property owners all over Europe.

The NEO Bank Market

The NEO banking market had a value of $20.4 billion in 2019. It is growing by close to 50% per year. The NEO banking market is expected to reach $471 billion by 2027

Founded in 2015, UK - 10 million customers - $5.5 billion valuation

Founded in 2013, Germany - 5 million customers - $3.5 billion valuation

Founded in 2015, UK - 4 million customers - $1.5 billion valuation

Founded in 2017, Spain - 300 000 customers - $85 million valuation

Founded in 2019, France - recently launched - €32-48 million valuation

Founded in 2019, Spain - 40 000 customer - €15 million valuation (up from €5 million)

Bueno estimated valuation

0 million

Valuation 2021

10x return

0 million

Valuation 2022

20x return

0 million

Valuation 2022

40x return

0 million

Valuation 2024

60x return

Become A Bueno Investor

We are currently doing our pre-seed and seed funding round accepting a limited number of investors. You can invest from €1000. We will accept a total funding of €500 000 in the seed rounds, these will be followed by our series A funding in 2021.

Backing new NEO banks has a history of very good returns. For example, early investors in Revolut have made a 100x return on their investment. But keep in mind that all investments carry risk, including a loss of your investment. As an early stage investor, you will need at least a 3-5 year horizon for your investment.