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Bueno Partner Program

A rewarding partnership

Bueno partners with local businesses to make life easier and more straightforward for customers and partners. It is a win-win partnership. Together, we will take foreign property ownership to a whole new level!

Real Estate Agents

Bueno enables worry-free ownership. Increasingly, buyers of property want to enjoy Spain rather than manage a property. With a new and innovative business model, Bueno will cater to a whole new segment of property buyers, those who are looking for a dream home in the sun that can run on autopilot. For those who enjoy being more hands-on, Bueno still makes life easier, especially if they are not full time in Spain or new to Spain.

Bueno helps you get your core business done – speeding up transactions, removing headaches and obstacles while delivering improved experiences. Instead of long-term renters and prospective purchasers wasting 1-2 hours in a Spanish bank branch, your customers can open their ES IBAN account online in under 5 minutes – even from another country.

We can also offer your customers the best currency exchange rates, potentially saving them thousands of euro plus simplification and savings on utility bills, insurance and more. Bueno removes many pain points for you and your customer on the way to successful completion.

Partnering with Bueno can also deliver a new income source.

Short-Term rentals

Many people buy property to rent out and websites such as AirBnB and are great for people who can manage their own property. But tens of thousands, possibly more than a hundred thousand property owners in Spain rely on someone else to manage their rental for them. For decades real estate agents and short-term letting agents have served these owners. Bueno aims to raise the profile and ease of engagement of these professionals.

Bueno will offer a short-term rental platform designed for properties managed by real estate and letting agents. Easily add and manage properties for your customers. Payments are managed by Bueno creating maximum security for owners, the guests and you. Together, we will build a trusted brand as an alternative to the big booking brands, creating more business for our partners - for you.

Our rental fees are significantly lower than other platforms. You receive your own rental site under our brand at no cost. Further, with all properties additionally listed on our main website, you will probably get more bookings than ever before. If you want to list your properties on the big rental sites, for example Airbnb, you can easily manage this within our platform.

Service providers

Becoming a service provider with Bueno means that you gain access to thousands of potential customers. Service providers offer anything from cleaning to renovations, everything a property owner could need.

We are looking for professionals who offer quality work at reasonable rates. Payments are secure and simple; we reserve the amount before the job starts and when both parties close the job the payment is transferred. If its an ongoing job, like pool maintenance, the payment is done on the agreed date each month.

To learn more contact us on

We offer accounts to EU/EEA and UK residents. We add a lot of value to customers owning or renting a property in Spain, or who own a property in another country. Even without a property you can open an account and we are confident you’ll love our simplicity, service and low cost. We expect to launch our property features in France and Portugal in 2022.

We need to verify your identity to meet financial regulations. This is done by submitting a copy of your passport or national ID card where this is approved as financial identification. You will take a picture of your ID with your phone or web camera during our onboarding process.

Normally, a personal account can be opened in as little as 5 minutes. In some cases, it might take a little longer to verify your data. Business accounts will take 1-2 days to open (not launched yet).

No, our account opening process is managed online. There is no need to travel or to leave your home to become a Bueno customer. Everything can be done online or via your Bueno app.

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