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Bueno Pricing

Full transparency – no surprise charges – all for a low monthly fee

The Bueno account is perfect for people who own or rent property in Spain. For a flat monthly fee you get simplified and beautiful, online accounts with smart property features – all in your choice of language.

Bueno Account

Monthly fee / Annual fee €9.90 / €99

Spanish payment (IBAN) account Yes

Currency Exchange Currencies Direct

Property Features Yes

Direct debit utility bill payments Yes

Transfers within Euro Zone Free

Max account balance €20 000

Bueno card Coming soon

Free ATM withdrawals per month, EUR* 5 withdrawals / €800

ATM fee outside free withdrawal 1%

Card ATM limit €500 per day / €2000 per month

POS (shopping online and in store) usage EUR Free

Card POS limit €2000 per day / €10 000 month

* Some ATM's will charge a withdrawal fee to cover the banks cost, this is outside our control and Bueno does not get any income from these fees.

Using your Bueno card abroad or online in a foreign currency, click to learn more our about fees and card’s exchange rates.

We offer accounts to Spaniards and EU/EEA/UK residents who have a Spanish NIE (Foreigner Identification Number) and a Spanish address. We also offer accounts to non-Spaniard residents in Spain, holding a TIE ID card. We add a lot of value to customers owning or renting a property in Spain and are confident you’ll love our simplicity, service and low cost. We expect to launch our property features in France and Portugal second half of 2022

We need to verify your identity to meet financial regulations. This is done by submitting a copy of your passport or national ID card where this is approved as financial identification. You will take a picture of your ID with your phone or web camera during our onboarding process. For Spanish accounts you also need to provide details of your NIE/DNI.

Normally it takes no more than about 5 minutes to register all the data. The actual verification can take place within minutes after this, but it can also take up to 1-2 working days if we have to manually verify some of the data.

No, our account opening process is managed online. There is no need to travel or to leave your home to become a Bueno customer. Everything can be done online or via your Bueno app.