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Bueno Services

Property Savings

Bueno was founded by foreign owners of Spanish property. Living in Spain for more than a decade, it took time to build the local knowledge and expertise to save you time, money and frustration. Bueno is what we’d love to have had available to us. This extends to every aspect of our service and our development plan. You will be treated as we’d appreciate being treated ourselves, as our customer reviews demonstrate. We truly understand the importance of a helping hand when you need it. Bueno is here for you and saves you going through those growth pains, enabling you to enjoy life even more.
bueno savings
When fulfilling the dream of a holiday home in Spain, or anywhere in the world, it is easy to overlook the running costs. Monthly costs including electricity, gas, water and more for a small apartment typically exceed €500 a month. A villa will be substantially more, before adding mortgage repayments if you take out a loan.

Will 10% savings make a difference?

As Bueno grows, our negotiating strength to gain ever better deals for the Bueno community grows even stronger. But this is only one part of your savings with Bueno. With thousands of customers, we can offer you benchmarked data for a similar property size and location giving you improved insight as to what your typical costs could be. As we deploy this in small scale, we have already helped Bueno customers save significantly. Savings for you are also great for the environment.