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Bueno is 100% online

Never again waste your time visiting a financial center or branch

Create your Spanish payment account. Manage all your payments. All online 24x7

You will love Bueno

Open your Spanish IBAN account online. Enjoy worry free transfers and payments

Full transparency – no surprise charges – all for a low monthly fee

Guaranteed savings greater than your annual fee from utility bills, insurance and more >>

Transparent and simple

Bueno: 99 euro for a full year, all inclusive

This is how Bueno compared to the biggest Spanish banks (*data source)

Annual account fee €160. Card €35 per year

Annual account fee €240. Card €30 per year

Annual account fee €240. Card included

Annual account fee €152. Card included

Bueno is the online alternative with a personal touch

Home / Holiday / Rental

For your Spanish property

Better than free!

If you dont save more than our annual fee we will refund it (€99). Try Bueno risk free*

Spanish payment accounts - fully online

The first online challenger in Spain with support for all local direct debit payments

  • No in person visit
  • Bueno card included
  • All direct debits supported

*Account/cardholders must be over 18

Everything in your preferred language

Bueno will be available in your preferred language*, starting with English, Norwegian and shortly, Spanish

  • Signup and support in your language
  • Operate and make transfers faster
  • Documents in your preferred language

*Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy is only available in English at this time

Bueno, significant savings

With a 100% online business we can charge less compared to traditional financial institutions

  • Fair cross border transaction fees
  • Free euro transfers and card payments
  • No hidden fees, we are transparent
  • Utility and insurance savings

We aim to be highly competitive on costs - and always fully transparent so you know up front what you will pay

Compare Bueno

Not all products and services are launched yet. Insurance will be launched in Q2 2022, AI and smart home towards the end of 2022 and short term rentals will officially be launched in 2023.

Getting started with Bueno is easy

We will guide you through your account opening and help you switch your direct debits to Bueno