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A rewarding partnership

Bueno partner program

Bueno is much more than just a bank, we are simplifying buying and running property in Spain. Bueno has customers from 15 countries who own or rent properties in Spain. If you have a great service or product for Bueno customers reliably delivered with excellent service, let’s have a chat.

Estate agents, attorneys, developers, car rental / dealerships, golf clubs, restaurants, security, gardeners / maintenance, other property services etc – all are welcome from across Spain and beyond.

bueno partners

At a time when traditional banks are closing branches and reducing multi-lingual staff, Bueno is accelerating and investing into premium customer experience and service, as our customer reviews demonstrate.

As the first Business-to-Consumer financial challenger in Spain with the same account functionality as Spanish banks, Bueno does not have the same legacy infrastructure of traditional banks. We feel we are the present and future of property banking.

We are building Bueno by working with partners to share our new approach. Partners benefit from a rapidly growing brand. Over coming years, Bueno will invest millions in marketing. If you are closely aligned, we’d welcome you to this exciting journey.

A rewarding partnership

Joining forces with Bueno makes a difference. For real estate agents and developers, Bueno simplifies the buying process for customers, especially for those who don’t need a Spanish mortgage.  Bueno offers a 100% online banking experience, accessible 24/7 without having to fly to visit a branch. For you, it means less time wasted, a faster process, removal of significant hurdles and potentially more sales. 

For other businesses, for example car rental / dealers, we offer access to an affluent and discerning customer group. The average property purchase by foreigners in Spain is €220 000 with 70% being cash buyers. 

For each customer referred and onboarded, we pay a commission. Additionally, we have special campaigns with great prizes. Partnering with Bueno is rewarding.