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tax return

Non-resident tax return

Non-resident property owners in Spain must declare and pay national property tax annually. This tax is on top of the local property taxes (IBI) which you pay to your local tax office. Each year, you declare the previous year’s ownership. So, in 2024, you declare the tax for 2023. You can calculate and pay your taxes throughout the year with Bueno. However, if you rent out your property, you will pay tax on your rental income rather than property tax for the periods your property is rented.

Bueno non-resident annual tax return

Bueno offers a convenient solution for submitting annual property tax returns. Starting from just €49, Bueno provides cost-effective services compared to other providers who may charge higher fees, sometimes in the hundreds.

Bueno is relying on increasing automation to deliver this level of saving, for example, by storing last year’s form digitally and pre-populating the current year's form as a draft to start from.

Tax return pricing is based on the number of owners of the property. Each owner must declare and pay the tax for the percentage of the property that they own. If you find this process complicated, time-consuming and daunting, we’re happy to help make it easy. Please contact us for a quote.

Bueno non-resident rental tax return

Until recently, owners had to declare their rental income quarterly. From 2024, your rental tax return must be submitted annually, by the end of January, for your previous year’s rental income. (You may submit your return as soon as you have finished letting your property for the year).

When renting out, there are some expenses that can reduce your rental tax. Not everyone files expenses as there are requirements to be met. In some cases, expenses will not be accepted. Since this will vary by person and is an unknown factor, Bueno charges a fixed fee per owner for the return plus an hourly fee to include the expenses to be offset.

For further details and a personalised quote, please contact us.

Annual tax calculation

Your property's Cadastral Value is used to calculate your annual property tax. The value is found on your local tax receipt (IBI). For EU/EEA residents, the tax is 19%. Outside EU/EEA the tax is 24%. You can read more about the calculation in our blog >>

Pay your taxes on time

If you fail to submit your tax return on time, you can be fined at least 50% of the tax you owe on top of your original tax bill. Additionally, you may have to pay interest on the late payment.

I have never paid the non-resident tax

As the Spanish tax office upgrades its tax systems and tax records there's no ways to avoid paying the tax. In the worst case, your property sale will be stopped by the tax office due to the unpaid taxes.

Simplify your Spanish tax returns

Contact the Bueno Team to learn more

If you are not already a customer of Bueno simply register your details and let us know that you are interested in Bueno's tax service. If already a customer, contact us to learn more.