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Your new Spanish IBAN account in minutes
Getting started with Bueno banking is really simple, all it takes is a few minutes if you are prepared for the account opening process. This is what you’ll need:

1. The Spanish address of the property you own, plan to buy or rent long term.
2. Your Spanish tax ID, NIE or DNI for Spaniards. We need a picture of your NIE document.
3. Your ID card or passport. We need a picture of this and for you to verify your identity with a selfie – a picture of you.

Only looking to take advantage of Bueno's property services? Then we don't require to verify your identity

1. Register your account

Enter your name, email and phone numbers. Create a secure password for your account. Login and verify your email address to continue.

2. Save your interests

Let us know how we can serve you best or go directly to the account opening process. It's optional to open an account, you can for example just order electricity.

3. Enter your Spanish address

You need a valid residential address in Spain to open a banking account. If you are not a Spanish resident, add your non-Spanish address in the following step.

4. Share with us your ID details

We need your birth date, ID number or passport number, issuing country and expiry date. If you are registering with a NIE number, we also need a picture/scan of the document.

5. Financial details

Bueno is required by law to ask about your financial details and occupation. Note that if you are retired, you'll need to input your prior occupation.

6. Verify your identity

In this final step, simply open our ID process and follow prompts to take a picture of your ID card (both sides) or your passport. This is followed by a selfie, a picture of you. We need these to verify your ID.

If you need assistance with any of the steps, reach out to our team and we’ll assist you. Here are answers to questions that have been asked:

When prompted, answer ‘yes’ when we ask for permission to use your camera. If you previously blocked this request, opening and using a new browser can help. Note that iPhone/iPad users can have security settings that block the camera. If you were not prompted to give permission to use your camera, contact us and we will share a link to the process that often solves this problem.

We need a copy/picture of your NIE document as there are no databases that we can pull your NIE data from. If you cannot find your NIE document, we can accept a picture of an escritura (property purchase contract) where your name and NIE is shown. Tax documents can also be used if stamped by the tax office.

Note that we need a picture of the full document/page.

We check the address that you want to register against both official databases and Google Maps. Your address must be valid, i.e. officially recognised. From experience, we have learned that some foreigners in Spain don’t know their correct address. If you are not able to submit your address, please contact us and we will try to help you find your correct address.

If you have a Spanish ID card, you can use this to verify your ID and your residential status. Alternatively, you can provide a copy of your green residential document/card or a recent Padron from the town hall confirming your residency.