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How much does it cost to own a holiday home in Spain?

We are often asked about the costs of owning a property in Spain. This of course varies, but based on experiences from our customers, we have created a simple overview.

An apartment, 50-100 m2, usually has the following costs, roughly estimated per month:

  • Community costs - €50 (large variations)
  • Electricity - €100
  • Gas - €25 (if there is no gas, the electricity goes up)
  • Water – €25
  • Internet - €30
  • Insurance - €20
  • Local tax (IBI) - €50
  • Renovation - €10
  • National tax - €15
  • Bank account, Bueno – €8.25 (€99 for 12 months)

A total of €333 euros per month as a simple estimate. If you use a company that manages / looks after your property when you are not in Spain, there will be additional costs that can quickly reach €50-100 per month. We also recommend an alarm. This can cost about €50 per month. So, a reasonable estimate is €4-500 per month for owning an apartment in Spain.

For a detached house/villa, the costs are often double or more with active use throughout the year. Electricity alone for a large, detached house can amount to 3-500 euros per month in the summer months if you use a lot of air conditioning. If you have a pool, the cost of water will be significantly higher.

Bueno is much more than a banking alternative in Spain. Our objective is to simplify buying and owning a property in Spain while cutting its cost through smart solutions plus time and money saving offers from partners including insurance, non-resident tax returns, currency exchange and more. 

We aim to be your one-stop solution for all your property related needs.  

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