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Non-resident tax return

Non-resident property owners in Spain have to declare and pay national property tax annually. This tax is on top of the local property taxes (IBI) which you pay to your local tax office. Each year, you declare the previous year’s ownership. So, in 2024, you declare the tax for 2023. You can calculate and pay your taxes throughout the year. However, if you rent out your property, you will have to declare the rental income quarterly, during the current year.
bueno annual tax

Bueno non-resident tax return service

Bueno is well placed to submit your annual property tax return for you. Since we already have much of the information needed, Bueno can offer this service starting from just €49. It is not unusual to find people paying hundreds of euro annually to other providers for this service.

Bueno is relying on increasing automation to deliver this level of saving, for example, by storing last year’s form digitally and pre-populating the current years form as a draft to start from.

Contact us for a quote and calculation of your taxes.